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About Merryl, the U2 Program, Being a U2 Pilot

Merryl Tengesdal is a retired military officer known for being the first and only Black woman to fly the U-2 spy plane, contributing significantly to high-altitude reconnaissance missions.

The U-2 earned its nickname due to its demanding flight characteristics, requiring immense skill to pilot, much like the unpredictable nature of the “Dragon Lady” character in the “Terry and the Pirates” comic strip.

Merryl has flown various aircraft, including the T-34C, TH-57 B/C, SH-60B, T-6A, T-38A/B/C, and, most notably, the U-2S.

Merryl began with a deep interest in flying and space, served in the Navy flying the SH-60B Seahawk Helicopter, and later transitioned to the Air Force, where she piloted the U-2.

How to contact Merryl for speaking engagements, press kit, media contacts

For speaking engagements, please reach out through the Harry Walker Agency, which represents Merryl.

Merryl’s press kit and specific media contacts are available through her official website or by contacting her management team.

Yes, Merryl is open to interviews. Please send your request via her website or contact her representation at the Harry Walker Agency.

Merryl’s upcoming events are listed on her official website, which is regularly updated with her latest engagements.

Merryl Blog posts

Merryl often writes about her experiences in the military, insights from her aviation career, and broader themes of leadership, diversity, and empowerment.

While there’s no fixed schedule, Merryl typically shares new content monthly. It’s recommended to check her website or subscribe for updates.

Yes, readers are encouraged to engage, share their thoughts, and interact with Merryl and the community on her blog platform.

From time to time, Merryl collaborates with fellow professionals or features guest pieces. Check the blog section for any such contributions.

Shopping for merch and Merryl's Book

“Shatter the Sky” is available on major online book retailers, local bookstores, and through her official website.

Yes, a range of merchandise, from apparel to collectibles, is available on Merryl’s website under the ‘Shop’ section.

Occasionally, Merryl offers signed editions during special events or promotions. Keep an eye on her website for such opportunities.

Merryl is passionate about community service and often supports various causes. Specific campaigns or collaborations might direct a portion of sales to charitable endeavors. Details are usually provided on her website or product descriptions.

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