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Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a metaphorical box and want to break free?

Life is about new challenges, becoming good, and passing on lessons learned.

No matter who you interact with, try to leave a good impression.

Motivation of the Week

Merryl's Motivation Tips

Don’t Assume Intent

Let’s try to make this the year of listening, where we actively seek to understand before making judgments or assumptions.

Your Dreams Are Closer Than You Think

When my path to becoming an astronaut seemed unattainable, I didn’t give up. Instead, a conversation led me to a new opportunity – flying the U-2 spy plane, making me the first and only black woman to do so in

You Are Worthy

Embracing our self-worth is a significant step towards achieving our dreams.

Fear is A Stepping

The fear that emerges just as we’re about to reach our goal can be overwhelming, almost paralyzing.

Tough As Nails

Being tough as nails isn’t just a saying; it’s a testament to one’s unyielding spirit.

Merryl's Playbooks for success

How to Shatter Your Own Sky

Reject the limitations imposed by society and yourself. Dream big, aim for the stars, and never let anyone’s limited perspective define your potential.

Get Uncomfortable With It

Often, we stay within our comfort zones, shying away from experiences or challenges that seem unfamiliar or intimidating.

Aim to Be A Good Listener

The act of truly listening to others and refraining from assuming their intentions can lead to deeper understanding, improved communication, and stronger connections.

Embrace the Journey

Your journey is unique, and it’s filled with opportunities for growth and transformation. Often, the biggest obstacle to achieving greatness is our own hesitation to continue when challenges arise.

Be True To Yourself

Do you actively resist the urge to conform to societal stereotypes that do not align with your true self?

The Obstacle is The Way

When confronted with a challenge, do I see it as a daunting obstacle or as an exciting opportunity for growth?

Embrace Your Own Self

Know yourself, value yourself, and never let anyone else’s opinion diminish your belief in your worth.

Be Tenacious

Are you demonstrating resilience, integrity, and patience in your approach to life’s challenges?

Hold Yourself Accountable

Merryl Tengesdal’s “Shatter the Sky” serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of personal accountability in our personal and professional lives.

Nothing is A Given

We often find ourselves in environments and situations that are not of our own choosing. Some of these circumstances may be challenging or even daunting.

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