How to Shatter Your Own Sky

How to Shatter Your Own Sky

“Shatter the Sky” by Merryl Tengesdal is not just a memoir; it’s a beacon that guides you to dream beyond limits and break barriers. This book encourages you to set your aspirations sky-high, pushing you to redefine what’s possible in your life. Tengesdal’s journey from breaking glass ceilings to soaring as a U-2 pilot exemplifies the essence of aiming beyond the ordinary.

Why it Matters

Your potential is boundless, and your goals should reflect that. Society often sets ceilings, be they glass or concrete, but these are merely barriers waiting to be shattered. Tengesdal’s story teaches us that our ambitions need not be confined by societal norms or perceived limitations.

How do you measure up?

  • Are your goals and dreams limited by societal standards, or do you strive to go beyond?
  • How often do you challenge yourself to think big and aim for what seems impossible?
  • Do you view challenges as limits or as stepping stones to greater heights?

How to Navigate it in 3 Enlightening Steps

  1. Embrace Limitless Thinking: Start by expanding your mindset. Think beyond conventional goals and societal norms. Like Tengesdal, aim to soar above the sky, not just break through ceilings. Let your imagination and ambition know no bounds.
  2. Share Your Journey: Follow Tengesdal’s example and share your journey. This isn’t about highlighting your uniqueness but about showing that challenges are universal. Use your experiences as a catalyst to inspire others to reach for their infinite potential.
  3. Pursue Extraordinary Goals: Dare to dream big, so big that it might scare you. Then, muster the courage to chase those dreams. Remember, the beauty lies as much in the pursuit as in the achievement. This journey is about learning, growing, and discovering yourself.
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