Merryl Tengesdal’s commitment to giving back to her community is truly commendable. Not only is she a dedicated board member for Sierra College, but she also serves as an inspirational role model for aspiring pilots, especially those hailing from underrepresented backgrounds.

Dr. Tengesdal passionately encourages individuals to persist in pursuing their dreams, emphasizing the vital importance of mentorship and initiatives like the Legacy Flight Academy. Notably, she generously directs a portion of the proceeds from her book towards the Legacy Flight Academy, which focuses on providing aerospace education to underserved communities, particularly youth of color, fostering their exposure to flight and STEM programs.

In addition, Merryl’s dedication extends to supporting veterans’ organizations, as she directs the full proceeds from her merchandise sales to Mission 22.


Her unwavering commitment to community enrichment is further demonstrated through her pursuit of continuous learning, where she is actively engaging in acquiring new skills like American Sign Language (ASL) and welding.

Merryl Tengesdal’s multifaceted contributions exemplify a remarkable dedication to bettering her community and inspiring others to do the same.

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Mission 22: Supporting Veterans Every Step of the Way

Merryl Tengesdal’s involvement with Mission 22 is a testament to the power of individuals to make a difference. By purchasing a Dragon Lady Tee Shirt or her book, you’re not only supporting Merryl’s endeavors but also helping veterans in need.