Detours Are Opportunities

Detours Are Opportunities

As a retired Air Force colonel with 23 years of service, flying everything from helicopters to the U-2 spy plane, my journey, which I share in “Shatter the Sky,” has taught me invaluable lessons about adaptability, self-worth, sacrifice, and discipline. A key mantra I’ve learned is that life’s journey is rarely a straight path; it’s essential to be prepared for its detours.

My own path to becoming an U-2 Pilot was filled with unexpected turns. After pilot training in the Navy, I had set my sights on jets but found myself assigned to helicopters. Rather than viewing this as a setback, I embraced the opportunity, asking, “What can I do with this?” This mindset led me to fly the SH-60 Bravo, a decision that eventually steered me towards the U-2s. These detours didn’t derail my journey; instead, they enriched it, helping me develop a well-rounded character and preparing me for future challenges.

Life’s journey is akin to a navigation system that requires recalibration when you miss an exit. It’s about finding new ways to reach your destination without losing sight of your ultimate goal. If you miss a turn, you don’t just stop; you proceed to the next waypoint. This approach is crucial in navigating life’s unpredictable path.

In the face of life’s detours, it’s important to stay focused, determined, and hungry for success. Consistency in your efforts is key. It’s okay to feel disappointed when things don’t go as planned, but it’s important not to dwell on these setbacks. Instead, give yourself time to regroup and then return to your pursuit with renewed focus and determination. Remember, every detour is an opportunity for growth and learning. Keep moving forward, recalculating as needed, and stay committed to your journey.

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