You’re More Than Your Environment

You’re More Than Your Environment

Drawing inspiration from “Shatter the Sky,” I want to emphasize a fundamental principle – the importance of not giving up, no matter the environment we come from. This concept, simple in theory but challenging in practice, is crucial for achieving success.

Reflecting on my own journey, I was always driven by a dream to become an astronaut. My path took me through the Navy, where I flew helicopters and served as an instructor. Even when my initial dream seemed unattainable, I never gave up. This persistence led me to an incredible opportunity – becoming the first and only black woman to fly the U-2 spy plane. Had I succumbed to the constraints of my environment, my story would have been drastically different.

This year, let’s remember that our environment doesn’t limit our dreams. The path to our goals might not be easy, and there will be times when giving up seems like the simplest choice. But the key to success is perseverance. You never fail until you stop trying. It’s about seizing every opportunity, overcoming doubts, and relentlessly pursuing your dreams.

Your journey might be filled with challenges, but it will be incredibly rewarding. Stay persistent, embrace your potential beyond your environment, and have a transformative year. Your dreams are within reach, often closer than you think. Let’s go forward and make this year count, proving that we are more than our environments.

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