Ease is A Greater Threat to Progress Than Hardship

Ease is A Greater Threat to Progress Than Hardship

Embrace challenge over comfort. It’s a notion that seems straightforward but is often challenging to practice. The truth is, ease is often a greater threat to progress than hardship.

Throughout my life, I have always sought to push beyond the familiar and the comfortable. My dream was to be an astronaut, and that led me to the Navy, where I flew helicopters and served as an instructor. When my dream seemed distant, I didn’t succumb to the comfort of what was familiar. Instead, I embraced the challenge and it led me to an unprecedented opportunity – flying the U-2 spy plane, marking me as the first and only black woman to achieve this in its long history. If I had chosen the easier path, my journey would have been vastly different.

As we step into this year, remember that it’s easy to do things that come naturally to us, but the real growth happens when we push ourselves to do things that make us uncomfortable. Don’t set a time limit on how long it takes you to become comfortable in a new situation. Whether it takes a week, a month, or even years, what matters is that you’re moving forward and growing.

The journey towards your aspirations, filled with challenges and discomfort, promises to be an extraordinary one. Stay persistent, embrace the uncomfortable, and have a transformative year. Your dreams are not just within reach; they are waiting for you to step out of your comfort zone and seize them.

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