Leadership is Tough & Kind

Leadership is Tough & Kind

Leadership often involves making tough decisions, some of which can be unpopular or have serious consequences. For instance, disciplinary actions are sometimes necessary to maintain order and discipline, but they can also lead to unintended and heavy outcomes, such as a team member causing self-harm. These moments underscore the weight of leadership decisions.

Why it Matters

Understanding the balance between authority and empathy in leadership is vital. It’s important to recognize that effective leadership isn’t about being liked by everyone; sometimes, it requires making difficult decisions for the greater good of the team and the mission.

How do you measure up?

  • Do you find a balance between maintaining discipline and showing empathy in your leadership role?
  • When faced with tough decisions, do you consider both the mission’s needs and the individual circumstances of your team members?
  • How do you engage with team members post-discipline to ensure their well-being and continued effectiveness?

How to Navigate it in 3 Enlightening Steps

Balance Discipline with Understanding: When disciplinary action is necessary, balance it with an effort to understand the individual’s circumstances. Recognize that maintaining order is essential, but so is compassion.

Engage and Support Post-Discipline: After taking disciplinary action, continue to engage with the individual. Seek to understand the root causes of their behavior and explore how you can support them in refocusing on the mission.

Foster a Supportive Environment: True leadership involves knowing your team and creating an environment conducive to their productivity and well-being. This approach not only addresses immediate issues but also helps prevent future problems by alleviating external pressures that might affect performance.

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