Your Dreams Are Closer Than You Think

Your Dreams Are Closer Than You Think

This year, I posed a question on my social media: What will you stop, start, and continue doing? As we ponder on this, I want to emphasize one key theme from “Shatter the Sky” – the importance of not giving up. It’s a simple concept, yet challenging to execute. Never quitting is crucial because you never know when success is just around the corner.

Reflecting on my life, I always dreamed of being an astronaut. I joined the Navy, flew helicopters, and became an instructor. When my path to becoming an astronaut seemed unattainable, I didn’t give up. Instead, a conversation led me to a new opportunity – flying the U-2 spy plane, making me the first and only black woman to do so in its over 68 years of history. If I had quit, my story would have been entirely different.

So, as we step into this year, remember that your dream is closer than you think. It might not be easy, and there might be moments when giving up seems like the only option. But remember, you don’t fail until you stop trying. Embrace every opportunity, push aside doubts, and keep moving towards your dream. You might be closer to achieving it than you realize.

The journey towards your dream might be challenging, but it promises to be amazing. Stay persistent, stay safe, and have a great year. Your dream is waiting for you, just around the corner.

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