How Will This Help Me Grow?

How Will This Help Me Grow?

In my book “Shatter the Sky,” I delve into the philosophy that has guided my life since I was a seven-year-old dreaming of becoming an astronaut: “everything I do is in preparation for the next adventure.” Growing up without real-life role models who looked like me, I drew inspiration from the characters of Star Trek, who taught me the value of accumulating diverse experiences and skills.

I’ve come to see challenges not as daunting obstacles but as opportunities for growth and learning. This shift in perspective is crucial. Instead of approaching challenges with fear, I suggest embracing them with excitement and curiosity, constantly asking, “What will I learn today? How will this help me grow?” This mindset is at the heart of developing a growth mindset.

Every challenge, regardless of its outcome, is a valuable learning opportunity. It’s important to face obstacles head-on, not just to overcome them but to learn and develop new skills from these experiences. This approach is about growing through challenges, not just getting through them.

I encourage everyone to embrace every challenge as a step towards growth and as preparation for your next big adventure. Each experience, whether it’s a success or a failure, is a valuable addition to your life’s tool belt, equipping you for future successes and adventures. Remember, the journey through challenges is as important as the destination.

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