Don’t Assume Intent

Don’t Assume Intent

Throughout my career, including my time in the Navy and as a pilot of the U-2 spy plane, the importance of clear communication has been paramount. I’ve learned that true understanding comes not just from speaking but from listening – really listening – to others. It’s about stepping back from our preconceived notions and giving space to the perspectives and intentions of others.

Let’s try to make this the year of listening, where we actively seek to understand before making judgments or assumptions. It’s about breaking down the barriers that our assumptions create and opening up to a world of richer, more meaningful interactions.

It requires patience, humility, and a willingness to sometimes set aside our ego. It’s a process, one that may take time to refine. But the rewards – in terms of personal growth, deeper relationships, and better communication – are immeasurable.

So, as we forge ahead, remember that every conversation is an opportunity to grow and learn. By choosing to listen more and assume less, we can build a foundation for stronger, more empathetic connections. This concept, while simple in its essence, can be quite challenging to implement effectively.

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