Be Your Authentic Self

Be Your Authentic Self

In my book “Shatter the Sky,” I delve into life lessons, or ‘Merrylisms,’ that have been pivotal in my journey. One significant Merryl-ism is: “Black don’t crack even under pressure.” While this may initially seem like a nod to a stereotype, it’s actually a powerful statement about resilience and enduring strength, transcending race or ethnicity.

We all encounter societal norms and stereotypes that can be overwhelming, often pushing us towards conformity or inauthentic behavior. The essence of this Merryl-ism lies in the power of self-acceptance and staying true to oneself despite these external pressures. It’s a call to embrace our authentic selves, irrespective of societal stereotypes or expectations, and not to let these external perceptions dictate our actions or self-image.

This journey to self-discovery and authenticity requires a focus on our personal goals and aspirations rather than being swayed by the opinions or expectations of others. It’s about showing the world our true selves, not a version shaped by societal pressures. Each person’s uniqueness is their strength, and embracing and celebrating this individuality is crucial. We are all beautiful in our own way, and succumbing to societal pressures only diminishes that beauty.

In conclusion, the message is clear: be yourself and focus on your goals. Don’t let societal pressures and stereotypes dictate who you are or how you should act. Your strength lies in your authenticity and resilience. Embrace it and show the world the real you. This is the essence of true strength and authenticity.

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