Transforming Your Environment into Opportunities

Breaking Free: You’re Not Trapped

One of Merryl’s key messages is the idea that our circumstances do not trap us. “Some of us have to work harder to escape,” she says. This powerful statement recognizes the diverse challenges we all face, but it also empowers us by reminding us that we have the ability to overcome them, no matter how difficult they may seem. Merryl emphasizes a hard truth: nothing in life is owed to us, and nothing is simply given. Our backgrounds, environments, or the circumstances of our birth do not guarantee success. It’s a reminder that we must strive and work for what we want, challenging us to step out of complacency and actively pursue our goals.

Defining Your Own Race

“You determine the race you want to run and how you’re going to run it,” Merryl advises. This Merrylism is about taking control of our lives, refusing to let external voices dictate our paths. It’s a call to action, urging us to define our own goals, values, and measures of success. Drawing from her personal journey, Merryl speaks about growing up in the Bronx and the stereotypes associated with it. She challenges these preconceived notions by highlighting the success stories emerging from such environments. This point underscores the idea that our beginnings do not have to dictate our endings.

Finding Your Passion and Cutting Out Negativity

Merryl advises us to use our time to discover what we love, to find our passion, and to dream big. Equally important, she stresses the need to distance ourselves from negative influences. The people who tell us we can’t achieve our dreams are not worth our time. Surrounding ourselves with positivity and support is crucial. “This is your race to run, and this is your race to run how you want,” Merryl asserts. This statement encapsulates the essence of personal empowerment and individuality. It’s a reminder that our life’s journey is unique to us and that we should embrace it fully.